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CW Intentional Life and Business Design

Don’t let                    dictate your life or business course. 


Be Intentional.

Integrating neuroscience education regarding the brain-body connection and evidence-based strategies to support your well-being and performance in both life and business.

Created By a Trained Clinical Mental Health Therapist


Through our dedicated work, we've seen remarkable changes:

Overall Client

Improvement Rate


Work-Life Balance



Organizational Employee Engagement Score Increase


Leadership Effectiveness

Index Growth


93% of our clients experience a marked improvement in their overall well-being and professional performance after our sessions.

Our life design consulting has led to an 80% increase in clients reporting a better work-life balance and overall life satisfaction.

Organizations working with us report a 74% increase in employee engagement scores post-implementation of our business design strategies.

After our executive leadership development programs, there's a notable 70% increase in leadership effectiveness scores among participating executives within the first 3 months.


Hey there and welcome! You're likely here for one of two reasons. One, you're a business leader that needs a more intentional operational structure and you're shopping around to see if we can help you. Or twolike most of us, you  need to be more intentional about how you operate your life in general and intentional life design caught your eye.  Either way, we're glad you're here!


Reflect on the intention that brought you here as you explore our site.

Once you've taken a look around, you may find we are exactly what you've been searching for or perhaps you may find we aren't.  We hope as you peruse our site, you get a feel for who we are and a sense of, "yes, these are my people," or "no, this isn't what I need." There is no wrong answer.


So look around and learn more about how we do what we do.

Your journey to choosing with intention, starts now!

Our Capabilities


Discover how our unique blend of corporate insight and mental health expertise can guide you towards a life or business designed with purpose, for you.

Assessment & Research


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Life or Business Integration

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Sustainability Planning

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Skills Development

Digital Tools & Resources

Mental Health & Mindfulness

Fortify.     Energize.    Activate.

If you’d like more information about working with us, get in touch today.

Why Choose Us?

It's simple: You deeply value your time and hard-earned money, after all thats why you keep trying the figure it out yourself method.  We understand time is invaluable—whether it's yours personally or ours together- and there is no getting it back.  Founded by a trained mental health therapist that has more than a decade of experience in corporate business development with a proven track record, expertise, and experience, we're here to guide you confidently to your goals using our science backed and psychology based approach, "The Intentional Design Method", you can leave figuring it out yourself at the door! We understand that the foundation of both personal fulfillment and organizational excellence lies in mental wellness, transforming people and organizations from the top down and the inside out. 

We've helped our clients achieve impressive results. How can we help you?

This really raised the bar! I've never had business advice so attuned to who I am.

I've worked with other consultants before, so I thought I knew what business consulting was all about.  But their design method, just wow! This wasn't just about increasing profit; they focused on every aspect of who I am. It was like they saw right into how I tick.  We worked on strategies that were about making my business thrive, sure, but in a way that didn't leave me or my team frazzled at the end of the day. I am grateful for how patient and understanding everyone was. They taught me how to design my business around my mental health. I could go on and on. This really raised the bar. I've never had business advice that felt so attuned to who I am. I haven't seen or experienced anything quite like this in the business world before.

Alexandra L. CEO

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