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CW Intentional Life and Business Design

Design Your Life and Business with Mental-Health Consciousness at its Core. 

Your Strategic Partners in Life and Business. Empowering Business Leaders and individuals to Overcome Overwhelm, Prioritize Mental Well-Being and Achieve Work-life Balance Through Intentional Living and Intentional Business Strategies.

Integrating neuroscience education regarding the brain-body connection and evidence-based strategies to support your well-being and performance in both life and business.

Created By a Trained Clinical Mental Health Therapist


Through our dedicated work, we've seen remarkable changes:

Overall Client

Improvement Rate


Work-Life Balance



Organizational Employee Engagement Score Increase


Leadership Effectiveness

Index Growth


93% of our clients experience a marked improvement in their overall well-being and professional performance after our sessions.

Our life design consulting has led to an 80% increase in clients reporting a better work-life balance and overall life satisfaction.

Organizations working with us report a 74% increase in employee engagement scores post-implementation of our business design strategies.

After our executive leadership development programs, there's a notable 70% increase in leadership effectiveness scores among participating executives within the first 3 months.

Message From The Founder

As the founder, my journey in creating this company has been fueled by a deep passion for fostering mental wellness and intentional living in every aspect of life. Our mission is rooted in the belief that true success, both personally and professionally, blossoms from a foundation of mental health and intentional conscious living. We are committed to guiding our clients towards a life and business path that not only leads to success but also to fulfillment and well-being. 

You're likely here for one of two reasons. One, you're a business owner that is ready to be more intentional about designing your business around the life you desire to create - one where your business works in harmony with you and your well-being and you're shopping around to see what all the rave is about with our Intentional Design Method™. Or two, you're a business owner that is ready to reclaim your life - whether it's your passions, sense of identity, personal development or anything in between, you're ready to be intentional in a deeper way about the life you are designing and the person you desire to become.  No matter what brought you here, we're glad you stopped by!

Once you've taken a look around, you may find we are exactly what you've been searching for or perhaps you may find we aren't.  We hope as you peruse our site, you get a feel for who we are and a sense of, "yes, these are my people," or "no, this isn't what I need." There is no wrong answer.

So look around and learn more about how we are transforming lives and businesses everyday!  Don't leave your life or your business up to chance, choose the path of intentional design. 

Your journey to choosing with intention starts now!

- Classie Watson

We Believe

Wellness is not optional its necessary

We understand the complexities and challenges faced by business owners due to operational overwhelm, work-life balance, and fostering wellness in the workplace. We're deeply familiar with how the stressors of entrepreneurship and business ownership can take a mental and emotional toll on the owners and detrimentally affect performance, productivity, long-term business growth, team development, retention rates, and even client satisfaction.

We work with business leaders to bridge the gap between prioritizing mental well-being, reducing stress and overwhelm and building profitable and sustainable business models to support their long term growth, scalability and profit maximization. 

At the core of our services is a comprehensive solution designed to address both personal and professional development needs, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to mental health awareness. We strengthen business owners to foster a mental health centered approach to business, empowering them with intentional strategies and operational tools to transform their business from the top down and the inside out. 

By collaborating with us, you'll discover a new paradigm of operating where every intervention and strategy is an opportunity to inspire, elevate, and enact lasting, positive change for you and your company, teaching you how to think strategically and providing you with the methodologies, tools and proven strategies to lead a successful life and business.  


It's a world where thriving isn't just an option but a standard. 

Our Support


Assessment & Research


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Life or Business Integration

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Sustainability Planning

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Skills Development

Digital Tools & Resources

Mental Health & Adversity Management

Fortify.     Energize.    Activate.
Discover how our unique blend of corporate insight and mental health expertise can guide you towards a life or business that reduces burnout, stress, and anxiety while improving your overall wellbeing and operational excellence. 

Why Choose Us?

At CW Intentional Life and Business Design, we understand time is invaluable—whether it's yours personally or ours together- and there is no getting it back. Founded by a trained mental health therapist that has more than a decade of experience in corporate business development with a proven track record, expertise, and experience, we're here to guide you confidently to your goals using our science backed and psychology based approach, The Intentional Design Method™. We understand that the foundation of both personal fulfillment and business excellence lies in mental wellness. Our method converges mental wellness, effective strategies and intentional design to support your journey towards greater fulfillment and success.

Intentional Life Design & Coaching

For the High-Achieving Woman:

who seeks more than success—the one craving balance, creativity, and meaningful adventure—we've crafted a sanctuary and program with you in mind. We understand being caught in the whirlwind of professional demands, it's easy to lose sight of who you are and what truly fulfills you. Your work shouldn't be your only identity, nor should your well-being and personal life take a backseat. The most important promises you keep, should be your promises to yourself, your mental health, and shaping a fulfilling life outside of your career. With our unique blend of Restorative Retreats, Creative Adventures, and Intentional Coaching you'll rediscover your passions, realign your life's purpose with your actions, and embrace a life where your professional achievements are in harmony with your personal well-being and joy. 

Intentional Business Consulting

For Businesses and C-Suite Executives:

driven by more than just profit, who recognizes the integral role of well-being, balance, and intentional design in achieving sustainable success—we offer a transformative consulting/coaching experience to help you streamline a more intentional operational infrastructure to support your growth as a CEO in scale, sustainability and revenue. We understand that in the fast-paced landscape of decision-making and strategic planning, it’s easy to overlook the foundation of your success: the health and alignment of your operational structure, the resilience of your leadership, and the engagement of your team. Our Intentional Business Design bridges this gap, focusing on refining your operational structure, enriching your executive leadership - shifting you into your role as CEO- through targeted coaching, and fostering a culture of growth and well-being using intentional strategies and frameworks to support your operational organization and team development. We understand the unique challenges you face and offer intentional solutions that not only optimize performance but also nurture a thriving workplace culture. 

We've helped our clients achieve impressive results.
How can we help you?

Classie Watson has literally saved my sanity and business. She is the only choice for these services.

Classie Watson has literally saved my sanity and business. Understanding what a business strategist SHOULD be doing was mind blowing once I was in this queens hands and to see someone with her power and knowledge in my image has been life altering. She should be charging 1 million dollars, seriously!!! She is the reason I have stayed so grounded and focused.  If you are ready to scale your business and need some help finding your brand voice and processes. Classie is the ONLY choice for these services! She is an amazing human.

Lekeshia Hicks, CEO 

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