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Intentional Business Design

 Redefining Operational Success

Empowering Overwhelmed Business Leaders and C-Suite Executives with Strategies to Scale Sustainably, Integrate Wellness and Build Operationally Resilient, Thriving Organizations.


Through our dedicated work, we've seen remarkable changes:

Executive Leadership Development Success


Approximately 92% of executives who completed our executive coaching reported enhanced leadership skills, with a 70% improvement in team management and decision-making abilities.

Growth in Business Profitability


98% of our clients report significant satisfaction and improvement in their productivity and profitability after implementing our intentional Design Method, highlighting the effectiveness of our  approach.

Employee Engagement Score Increase


Organizations working with us report a 74% increase in employee engagement scores post-implementation of our operational design strategies.

Client Satisfaction



95% of organizations that have implemented our Intentional Business Design strategies report a noticeable improvement in client satisfaction, with an average 30% increase in client retention and  a 60% increase in overall business performance metrics.


Elevating Business Success Through Operational Excellence and Wellness 

Welcome to Intentional Business Design Consulting where we redefine organizational success through a lens of intentional design standing on the principles that govern both business success and mental wellbeing. 


We specialize in operational structure that transforms businesses from the top down and the inside out to support the long term growth and sustainability of your business Our model is built on the foundation of integrating mental wellness into every aspect of business – from your executive role and leadership, operational procedures, policies and systems, team development, and the people you serve, supporting you in designing a business that works in harmony with the life you desire to create and live. 

We understand that in life - from our human anatomy to every living organism, to the design of our universe and solar system there are operational principles and systems that are at play, designed with specific intention and purpose. And this is true for business, all successful business people operate on a set of principles and systems that govern the achievement of sustainable success. One Principle We Believe Is That Everything You Desire In Life Begins And Ends With Being Intentional. And In Doing So With Business, You Must Align Your Business Strategy & Model With The Life You Desire To Create. 

If you're ready to stop playing the guessing game and start using a proven process, then you're in the right place. The Intentional Design Method™ systems we support you with for business are the systems that govern the freedom and margin you have been longing for in order to take your business to the next level - 6+ figures, developing your team and more.

Join us in reshaping your business. Discover a new way of operating that balances profitability with purpose, innovation with empathy, and strategy with wellness. 

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What is Intentional
Business Design?

in·ten·tion·al busi·ness de·sign
/inˈten(t)SHenl ˈbiznes deˈzīn/

A strategic framework that guides organizations in making conscious, value-driven decisions and actions that are in harmony with their core principles, aspirations, and explicit objectives. This approach emphasizes mindfulness, self-awareness, and deliberate choice in all aspects of business operations, aiming to cultivate a productive, balanced, and meaningful work environment. Intentional Business Design stands apart from traditional, reactive business practices by prioritizing ethical considerations, employee well-being, and long-term sustainability over short-term gains and external pressures.


Fortify.     Energize.    Activate.

Assessment: Discover and Understand

Fortify: We begin with a thorough assessment of your business's current state. Evaluate leadership effectiveness, operational efficiency, team dynamics, and workplace culture. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth, establishing a solid foundation laying the groundwork for targeted enhancements.

Ideation: Envision and Explore

Strategy: Plan and Prepare

Energize: With insights from your assessment, shift focus to energizing your vision for the business. This phase is about envisioning innovative, value-aligned solutions that propel your business towards operational excellence and workplace well-being.

Activate: Transform your energized ideas into a concrete strategy. This plan outlines the steps towards implementing operational improvements, leadership development, and a positive workplace culture, all aimed at long-term growth and sustainability.

Integrate: Implement and Incorporate

The final step is where plans come to life. We guide the integration of new strategies, ensuring the transformation is deeply embedded within your organization. Continuous action, reflection, and adjustment are key, as we work to solidify your new operational structure.

This Is Our Methodology To Help You Integrate Your 

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Quick Sync

Executive Mindset and Adversity Management system

This system is concerned with developing mindset and leadership capabilities that are effective in navigating and managing challenges and adversity in your executive role as a business owner. It includes equipping you with the skills to manage your mental health, make strategic decisions under pressure, crisis resolution, time management, organization and maintain resilience and direction during times of change or uncertainty. This system serves as your compass guiding you toward becoming an effective CEO in your business. This is crucial to your business growth and sustainability.

Structural Operating System

This refers to the organization's framework and processes that guide daily operations and long-term strategies. It includes the structure and development of guiding principles, vision casting, workflows, operational procedures, company policies, communication channels, decision-making processes, customer experience, service and sales structures. This system focuses on streamlining, refining, organizing, and documenting your business procedures and processes to support your client experience, successful team development, and sustainability across your business. 

Business People Applauding

Operational Excellence Workshops

Workshops aimed at operational excellence focus on training and development activities that improve the skills and knowledge of the workforce in areas critical to the business's operational success. These might include lean management principles, customer experience design, process optimization, time management, scheduling and calendar optimization, communication and collaboration skills, quality improvement practices and others.

We've helped our clients achieve impressive results.
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We've seen remarkable improvements... revitalized our entire organization.

Working with CW Intentional Life and Business Design was a pivotal decision. Their approach to intentional business design revitalized our entire organization. We've seen remarkable improvements in our bottom line and I've finally been able to expand our team in more intentional ways with the right structure to support them. Sometimes you think you have it together and then you find out you were way off. Thank you Classie for all of your hard work and dedication.

Natalie W., Executive Director

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