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Self C.A.R.E Retreats and Intentional Life Coaching

For busy executives and professional women ready to reclaim their life, BANISH BURN OUT, develop healthier boundaries, and work-life balance to FOSTER GREATER FULFILLMENT and EMBRACE THEIR PERSONAL AMBITIONS.

When You Need More Than Business Coaching


to restore your life, your identity, and inner peace.

live your values

shape a renewed sense of self

ignite boldness and courage

live a deeply meaningful life

endure adversity and hardship

You've checked off all the boxes, a successful career, great income, maybe even a loving family or your love life is an area you need to transform. On the outside it would appear you’ve got it all together. But on the inside, you're at a breaking point. Your life is your work and the lines blur hour by hour, minute by minute. Your relationships are suffering and your personal life is practically non-existent. Who are you outside of your career? 

You know something has to change, but you've tried the executive coaches, therapy, sleeping pills, anxiety medication, even done yoga, listened to podcasts and read self help books. But it isn't working. I get it, this is why we've designed our methods of transformation as much more than talk therapy, we focus on immersive experiences to fortify, energize, and activate healing in every aspect of your life.

We remove you from the hustle and bustle of your day to day, so you can focus on your healing and change in a brand new way, one void of the worlds distractions, one where you embrace adventure and exploration, try new things and expand your horizons. Imagine how you'll feel in the moments you say, "Wow I never thought I could do that!"  or " I can't believe I'm here!" Through my years of work as a trained mental health therapist I have worked extensively with trauma, and the greatest transformations I've seen came from experiential work along with body movement and nervous system activation and regulation. So join us on beautiful adventures rooted in therapeutic practices to support long term healing and transformation.


And tell your therapist you're coming, ask for their input and advice!  We aren't here to replace them, we are here to work alongside them to support your healing and wholeness. We want your therapist to support your brave endeavors to pursue healing, purpose and fulfillment in your life in new and transformative ways!

Step into emboldenment with other like minded women that are ready to break free and embrace fulfillment in life, love and every little thing in between. 


What is Intentional

in·ten·tion·al liv·ing
/in(t)SH(ə)nəl ˈliviNG/

A lifestyle philosophy focusing on making conscious decisions and taking actions that are aligned with personal values, aspirations, and a clearly defined purpose, emphasizing mindfulness, self-awareness, and deliberate choice to cultivate a fulfilling and balanced life, distinct from living passively or reactively based on external pressures and societal norms.


Fortify.     Energize.    Activate.

Before your Creative Adventure Retreat Experience (C.A.R.E)

Assess & Understand

Ideation: Envision and Explore

Strategy: Plan and Prepare

Fortify: We assess your current life situation, gaining a crystal-clear understanding of your starting point.

Energize: We visualize what an intentional life looks like for you, brainstorming pathways that align your day-to-day with your deepest desires.

Activate: We help you strategize your actionable roadmap ( Life Design Path) to bridge the gap between your current reality and your envisioned future. 

During Your C.A.R.E

Integrate: Implement and Incorporate

Mindfulness and Resilience Building

Community Engagement

Live Your Transformation: Your Creative Adventure and Retreat Begins Here! Attend your chosen Creative Adventure Retreat Experience to energize your plan and implement your personalized strategy with our support, ensuring your transformation is both sustainable and deeply rooted in your values.

Thrive Together: Join your C.A.R.E group and share in the experiences we've designed to support your healing and transformation, offering shared learning and motivation with like-minded women embarking on their own journeys of EMBRACING EMBOLDENMENT!

Embrace Change with Strength: We integrate mindfulness practices and resilience-building with reflective work, restorative experiences, group exercises, and one on-one coaching sessions into your transformation experience to fortify your mental and emotional well-being, making you unstoppable.

After Your C.A.R.E

Reflection and Feedback Loops

Skills Development

Sustainability Planning

Future-Proof Your Transformation: Beyond immediate changes, we guide you in crafting a long-term plan to maintain and build upon your achievements. 

Continuous Growth: Regular coaching check-ins are embedded throughout our process to empower you to adapt and refine your path, ensuring continuous growth and healing to support your new life!

Unlock Your Potential: We identify and help develop essential skills  from time management, boundary setting to communication skills designed to enhance your journey.

Leverage Technology

Events and Experiences

Innovative Tools at Your Fingertips: Benefit from custom digital tools and resources that support goal tracking, organization, and focus. 

Curated Experiences to Expand Your Hobbies and Personal Interests: Join one of our fun experiences in a city near you for pottery classes, exploring art galleries, paint and sip nights, spa dates, bike riding, kayaking, salsa dancing and more to keep you experiencing life and not just watching it pass you by.

If You're ready to embrace an emboldened life, get in touch today.

That Feed
Your Soul.


Attend our curated events, retreats and immersive experiences designed to help you embrace the future vision for your life.


Are you ready to explore, learn, and grow in ways you never imagined? Let us guide you through an adventure of a lifetime, where every experience is a building block to the life you've always dreamed of.

Broaden Your World: As part of our unique approach, we invite you to embrace new horizons through curated events, experiences, and retreats designed to enrich your journey. Imagine yourself hiking through serene trails, kayaking in tranquil waters, molding pottery with your own hands, swaying in dance classes, or savoring the delight of cooking classes. Each adventure is more than an activity; it's a step towards embracing the vastness of life, unlocking new facets of your personality, and integrating these experiences into the fabric of your intentional life design.

Why Adventure Matters: These immersive experiences are carefully selected to complement your journey of personal growth and intentional living. They're not just leisure activities; they're transformative experiences that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, learn new skills, and see the world from fresh perspectives. By incorporating travel, exploration, and creativity into your path, we offer a holistic approach to transformation that nurtures not just the mind and body but also the soul.

Join Our Next C.A.R.E Group

or Create Your Own with Friends or Your team

Please note: every experience location has been personally traveled to and enjoyed by myself and my friends before offering them as options for our C.A.R.E Groups. Your comfort, trust and safety are what makes our experiences extra special. 


Puerto Rico

July 2024 - Official Dates Will Be Released Soon

Enjoy the best of both worlds with serene beaches and adventurous hiking and exploration in El Yunque National Rainforest. This 7-day Creative Adventure Retreat Experience immerses you in the rich culture of beautiful Puerto Rico, Sandy beaches, Hiking and beautiful views while visiting with locals, touring old San Juan and visiting the gorgeous island of Vieques via Ferry! 

Join The Waitlist! 

To join The waitlist and receive more updates, click the link below and you'll be the first to receive updates on the itinerary, dates and access to securing your spot for you, your friends, or your team. Our retreats are small intimate groups. This group has 8 reservations available. 



September/October 2024 - Official Dates To Be Released

Enjoy the gorgeous snow covered mountains for this 7-day Creative Adventure Retreat Experience in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains! Immerse yourself in the charm of a small mountain town filled with all the highlights of a classic Hallmark film. Enjoy the gorgeous views from scenic hikes, Elk sightings, chipmunks and the beautiful mountainous landscape that always takes your breath away, especially in the fall. This experience involves easy to moderate hiking adventures, opportunities to explore local eateries and shops and more!

Join The Waitlist! 

To join The waitlist and receive more updates, click the link below and you'll be the first to receive updates on the itinerary, dates and access to securing your spot for you, your friends, or your team. Our retreats are small intimate groups. This group has 8 reservations available. 


Choose Your Adventure

Grab your group and choose your own dates for Puerto Rico or Colorado

We provide the experience at one of our retreat locations and you select a custom date that works for your group. It's that simple! Once you select your month and date range(s), we will review it and contact you to schedule your initial meeting and discuss next steps to schedule your C.A.R.E Group! You can have a C.A.R.E Group for you and your friends or your executive team, just please keep in mind our groups are designed for women by women. 

Your group experience can be scheduled for 4 days or 7 days and must have a minimum of 4 group members but must not exceed 8 members. 

Click the button below to Choose Your Adventure!

Not only has she helped me grow my business... but it has been her ability to help me grow as a person that has been so valuable and life changing.

Classie is my lifetime strategist. Not only has she helped me strategize and grow my business but it has been her ability to help me grow as a person through her insights in counseling that has been so valuable and truly a life changing experience. She is the best and with her insights she has helped me take control of my life, my growth as a person, and scale my business into multiple figures.

Kat W. CEO

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