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to our "Client Love" page! Here, you’ll find heartfelt testimonials from our incredible clients who have experienced transformative growth and success through our services. Their stories reflect the intentional and fulfilling journeys they’ve embarked on with our guidance. We’re honored to share their experiences with you.

"There's a magic in this process that has shifted our entire dynamic. We now have the confidence to seek out sponsors and collaborate with businesses, knowing that everything is connected to our why, our vision, and our mission. This experience has truly transformed how we approach our festival and community work."

In this heartfelt testimonial, Susanna Creed, co-founder and director of the Little Rock Yoga Festival, shares the transformative impact of working with Classie and the Intentional Life and Business Design team. Susanna highlights how the process brought a magical shift in their approach, instilling confidence in their mission and vision. The guidance provided helped their three-person team become a unified force, aligning their goals and decisions with their core values. Susanna emphasizes the newfound clarity and effectiveness in their strategic planning, recommending the services to anyone feeling directionless and seeking to propel their organization forward with intentionality and purpose.

- Susanna Creed, Co-founder and Director, The Little Rock Yoga Festival

Intentional Business Design

Intentional Business Design

We've seen remarkable improvements... revitalized our entire organization.

Working with CW Intentional Life and Business Design was a pivotal decision. Their approach to intentional business design revitalized our entire organization. We've seen remarkable improvements in our bottom line and I've finally been able to expand our team in more intentional ways with the right structure to support them. Sometimes you think you have it together and then you find out you were way off. Thank you Classie for all of your hard work and dedication.

Natalie W., Executive Director

Intentional Life Design

Not only has she helped me grow my business... but it has been her ability to help me grow as a person that has been so valuable and life changing.

Classie is my lifetime strategist. Not only has she helped me strategize and grow my business but it has been her ability to help me grow as a person through her insights in counseling that has been so valuable and truly a life changing experience. She is the best and with her insights she has helped me take control of my life, my growth as a person, and scale my business into multiple figures.

Kat W. CEO

White Blue Green and Yellow Photo Collage Modern New Hire Onboarding Company Presentation.


This is your time to lead your life with intention. We're here as your trusted guides, helping you create a life you truly love – one filled with greater fulfillment, peace of mind, joy, love, success, and everything in between. It's time for a healthier, happier, wealthier, and wiser you.

Contact us today to discover how our tailored Intentional Design Services can support your unique journey and help you craft the future you truly desire – one that is intentionally yours.

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