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Discover AlignedTime™: A Personalized Path to Time Management Mastery so your business feels EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING


Presented by Classie Watson,
Founder & CEO at CW Intentional Life and Business Design.

As a business owner and an executive in your life, its clear you know how to take bold action and develop a business that works, so thats not the problem, the problem is that somehow there is just not enough hours in the day. You've tried time blocking, the 4 hour workday, productivity spurts, listening to podcasts, reading self help and time management books and other classes and webinars, but it's still not working. You're still struggling with managing your time and tasks, balancing family, friends and personal commitments and you just feel overwhelmed and spread thin.

And you know the cookie cutter and one-size fits all methods aren't for you. You need a real system that gives you freedom inside your business, making everyday feel easy like Sunday Morning!

As a trained mental health therapist and strategic business consultant, I've worked with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, lifestyles, and ethnicities including various mental and emotional challenges from neurodivergence to depression, anxiety, personality disorders to complex trauma. This is why I developed "AlignedTime™: A Mindful Time Management Framework" to support business owners like you in having a true time management process designed for you, by you, with your unique needs, lifestyle, mental and emotional capacity in mind.


JOIN US FOR A LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS on TUESDAY, APRIL 16TH FROM 1200:PM - 2:00PM CST if you want a tailored approach to your time management to address the many challenges you may face such as overthinking, indecisiveness, difficulty prioritizing tasks and more while also supporting your mental wellness, increasing your productivity and helping you achieve new milestones in your business growth!

If you're ready to learn

Strategies to overcome procrastination and manage distractions.

Practical strategies to optimize your time, calendar management and delegate tasks effectively

Effective strategies to prioritize your tasks even when potential crisis arise. 

Our AlignedTime™ Framework to design your unique time management system to streamline and increase your productivity and reduce your stress and overwhelm. 

Then the AlignedTime™ framework with Classie Watson is the right next best step for you. 

This isn't another surface level course teaching you what you already know. This is a fully immersive experience that uses psychology to build a mindful time management system that is uniquely yours. We understand that if you struggle with time management, task prioritization, overwhelm, burn out and decision fatigue now you will stunt the growth of your business, it will impact your bottom line, it will cause your clients to suffer. The growth and long term scalability of your company depends on you - your focus, your time management, your organization skills, your tasks prioritization skills and more, especially if you want to hire a team, bring on new clients and continue to build and grow sustainably. 

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